This server won’t stand without the help of good people ranging from hosting service providers to our contributors who have tirelessly helped us without expecting monetary gain since our server basically works in charity. These people who are mentioned below are our staff and contributors.

[GM] Rudi Tabuti & [GM] Hades

The administrator is the only person who can recover your items, creates an item, zeny, and summon a monster at will. This ability exclusively belongs to [GM]Rudi Tabuti.

Scripter focuses on fixing bugs and implementing new content [official/custom] in the game. Scripter can’t use a specific command like create an item or to do a transaction except there is an administrator around him.

Game Masters
Game Masters (GMs) are the staffs who have duties such as answering player questions, managing events, and enforcing server rules in-game.

Event Manager
They have a duty to help the player in certain events and also helping a player in-game if they need information regarding features/events. They don’t have the privilege to see confidential information regarding players’ accounts.

Notable GM & Staffs:
[GM] Rudi Tabuti – Administrator
[GM] Hades The Cruel – Main Scripter/Moderator
[GM] Ms. Secretary – Event Manager