Newbies Corner

by RudiTabuti on 2021-02-14

Welcome to the Gather Ragnarok Online, this is a place for people who love Ragnarok Online and want to do charity. Maybe some of you guys who just joined are confused by the features on this server. For that reason, you have to read this newbie corner.


Update 24 Januari 2021

by RudiTabuti on 2021-01-24

Final Implementation/Update & Patch 24/1/2021:


- The card modifier can affect the final damage of skills > [Acid Terror & Demonstration]
- Rachel Sanctuary & Jawaii equipment quest has been added to Dungeon Hunter NPC
- Maya now has Melchior's Knife [1] :new:
- Tao Gunka has Morbid Instrument [3]:new:
- Jawaii dungeon is accessible through regular warper NPC:new:
- Acid Terror, Demonstration, and Fire Pillar has better damage formula. [Except in Main Town: it has basic damage]
- Add new weapon skill, Transmutation: Iron Splinter - Formula: WATK X 900% in 7x7 Area [Neutral]:new:
- Add new weapon skill Rakhshasa Palm: ATK x 900% in 7x7 Area, has a chance to inflict STUN. [Weapon element]:new:
- To use Twilight Alchemy does not require a party check with SN, TK, or SL.
- Demonstration/Bomb can be cast under enemy cell.
- Demonstration deals damage every 0.5 sec.
- Demonstration damage animation will be changed into multi-hit/5 hits (adding staggering effect).
- Demonstration has a 10-sec duration.
- DEX and LUK have a significant effect in improving the potion creation success rate.
- Nerfing Miner Flashlight and Explosive Hip Sack combo - Auto cast Summon Marine Sphere chance 5% now. [Nerfed]:arrow_heading_down:
- Can't use teleport/warp/fly in Dragon Isle map.
- Fixing Highlander Card Combo bug.
- Currently, Elegant Bouquet Hat [1] effect is limited only to melee and magic atk [server en issue]
- A part of item combo will be implemented in the next update [Sanctuary set] - > since Beach Manteau [0] is a part of [Vulcanus Cobalt set] quest.


Homunculus Update System's

by RudiTabuti on 2021-01-17

We implement Homunculus with better stat growth. Every homunculus species and sub-species get a unique build. For example, Lif's will be more useful with its Healing Touch & Mental Change, Filir will be more versatile with its offensive skill, Amistr will be useful for defensive playstyle and Vanilmirth's Caprice get stronger yet it only cast random bolt. Once your homunculus evolves, it will gain an extra 1000 MAX HP capacity and extra statuses. If you have a homunculus already, your homunculus stat won't change, so you need to create a new homunculus.

For balancing issues, all of the homunculus race is changed to be Demi-human and for further balancing action we will add an item that mitigates homunculus damage.

:up:Homunculus friendly rate: x 3 - The rate a homunculus will get friendly by feeding it.

:up:Homunculus can auto-loot.

:up:Homunculus skill changes:

:up:Blood Lust - removes the skill cooldown.

Mental Change - change the skill delay:

:up:Lv1 - 10 min --> 30 sec

:up:Lv2 - 15 min --> 40 sec

:up:Lv3 - 20 min --> 60 sec
Moreover in this Homunculus Awakening Update, we also implement several equipments for Alchemist, namely:

:up:Morgenstein's Knife [1] - Drop from Gopinich

:up:Chimera Canister [1] - Drop from Alicel

:up:Chimera Canister [Beta] [1]

:up:Chimera Canister [Alpha][1]

:up:Chimera Canister [Gamma] [1]

:up:Bio-Edge Accelerator [1]

Items are available on Dungeon Hunter/Kiel Hyre

:up:Add new weapon skill, Acid Zone [Poison], formula:

:up:ATK x 1000% x 30% - Poison element - in 7x14 area [Cone Mode]

Homunculus status growth chart:bar_chart:



Job Release !!! "The Gunslinger"

by Administrator on 2020-12-20

Please Welcome ...

The Gunslinger

✅ Gunslinger have been added.
✅ Book of Yuhwa & Princess Knife can be obtained from Regalia Box.
✅ Fixing Regalia Box chance.
✅ MVP contains MVP Token.
✅ Devil Enchant Master NPC is available in Prontera.
✅ New items and headgears are available in Poacher NPC.
✅ Dungeon Hunter NPC has been updated.
✅ Soul Conjurer Brush & Tainted Heaven Scroll are available at Poacher.



Dragon Festival Tickets

by Hades on 2020-12-12

Ferus and Acidus contain Festival Tickets which can be used to buy new items on the Festival Manager NPC. The event date: 5 Dec - 5 Jan 2021.
Special Prize: Tamadora Egg - combat effect: Uses Heal on player every 2 sec.