Key Features

Gather Office
Most of the important NPCs are located in Gather Office, you can find the Gather Office warper in the main town, Prontera, near the warper.


Quest Shop/Exchanger Shop

Quest shop grants you rare items and headgears, but it costs with a certain currency. They are:

1. Respect
You gain Respect when spending your time in the server, the longer you stay, the more Respect you get.

2. GM Seal Card
GM Seal Card can only be obtained from GM after participating in certain events.

3, Honor Token
It can be obtained after finishing a special quest on the quest board.

The NPC is located in the Gather RO office.

Card Exchanger
You can exchange your unused card for points. The NPC is located in the Gather RO office.
Hourly Reward Shop
You can spend your Hourly Points on this NPC. You obtain the points similar to how you get Respect. The NPC is located in the Gather RO office.
It is a special NPC. Several powerful items can only be obtained from Poacher NPC but you need special currencies to buy them. The currencies that you have to use are Unearthly Crystal, Eldrich Blood, and MVP Token.
Unearthly Crystal & Eldrich Blood are obtained from Eldrich Dungeon while the MVP Token is obtained from MVP. If you are strong enough to try the challenge, find the Eldrich Warper NPC in Prontera.
The NPC is located in the Gather RO office.
Eldrich Dungeon
This is a challenge dungeon and it is quite difficult for the newbie, but once you get the supporting item, it will easier for you to solo this dungeon.

To access the dungeon you need to be in the party. Most of the mobs are Undead elemental and Demon race. But be careful because there are a couple of mobs that you can’t kill using the conventional method because they are immune to certain types of damage.
The dungeon has a dungeon share system which means if you play in the party your party member will gain similar loots as the attacker. However, the drop rate is fixed and can’t be increased using drop increasing items.


Dragon Isles
This is our second challenge dungeon, it is easier than Eldrich but most of the mobs are bulkier due to the high HP pool. In this map, you need to collect the Cracked Dragon Bone, Fine Dragon Bone, and Perfect Dragon Bone. They can be used to exchange Shadow Equipments from the Archaeologist NPC which is located in the middle of the Dragon Island map [near a house]. This dungeon is accessible through VIP warper NPC.


Dungeon Hunter NPC
The classic server has limited maps and it hinders player exploration. For those reasons, we decide to implement new maps (Kiel, Thanatos, Juperos, etc) which are only available in the latest episode where the Transcendent class exists, with supporting gear.

The supporting gears will help you to survive in the dungeon, but don’t worry those custom gears won’t affect the PvP and GvG gameplay because most of the custom items are banned in PvP and WoE scenario.

Well Endowed Sage NPC
You can temporarily enchant your weapon with 4 basic elements in-game by using Red Blood, Crystal Blue, Wind of Verdure, and Green Live.


RO Zero Features:
Gather RO partially implements feature which is available in Ragnarok Zero. They are:

  • Random Option [Weapon, Garment, Shoes, and Armor which you obtain from the mob, have a chance to get the random option.]. The stronger the mob, the better the random option. Check the full list at this link:
  • Double Attack Critical – Double Attack can proc critical damage.
  • Magnus Exorcismus can deal Holy magical damage to all types of enemies.
  • When Rogue uses Dagger, it can increase the damage of Backstab.
  • When Monk uses Knuckle, it increases the effectiveness of Combo Skills.
  • When Crusader uses Two-Handed Spear, it increases the damage of the Holy Cross.
  • Backstab can be used in every direction.
  • Optimization of Dissonance and Ugly Dance.
  • The blacksmith can create new weapons [based on Ro: Zero]
  • Spear Stab & Brandish Spear has new damage formula.
  • Homunculus gets optimized.
  • And many more you can see the update in the discord.


3rd-4th Weapon Awakening
Don’t dump your non-slot Lv.3 and Lv.4 weapons because some of them gain more damage if combined with the certain items from Eldrich Dungeon.


VIP Manager
The VIP account has many advantages such as you gain more drop/exp rate, you can access limited dungeon, you can use the VIP warper, healer grants VIP member with better buff, etc. To get the VIP account you can buy it from VIP manager NPC which is located in the Gather Office.


Combat Pet
In this server, once your pet is loyal, it will assist its master when attacking the monster.


Special Pet
There are several hidden NPCs scattering around in Rune Midgard, they will give you special pets with better status and combat capability.
Devil Enchant Master
He will enchant your Upg weapon with 5~10 STR/AGI/DEX/VIT/INT/LUK, Fighting Spirit LV 8~10, Spell 8~10, & Expert Archer 4~10 [Randomly] on the 4th Hidden Slot. Players need 1 MVP Token to enchant Upg Weapons and need 2m to reset the enchanted weapon.


Expanded Classes
Are you tired of regular and alternative classes? On this server, you can enjoy the thrill of using expanded classes such as Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soulinker, Ninja, and Gunslinger without having to worry that this class will make the server imbalance. We implemented the expanded class with several nerf’s so that the class could still be played side by side with job 2 [Quest Only].

By [GM] Hades.To see the detailed update & patch, please join our discord and check update & changelog section