Gather Ro Donations

The Fresh Ragnarok Online Classic

Gatherro the fresh ragnarok online classic

About Donation

All donations 100% will be donated to orphans, the poor, elderly widows, victims of disasters, and to other charities.
Donation Money will NOT go to GM Profits, Server Fees, etc.

How to donate at Gather :

1. Donations are divided into 2, for charity and for server promos. You can select it by notice to GM.
2. Donation 1:1 in Rupiah. If you donate Rp 100.000 then you will get 100.000 Cash point too.
But if you Donate $ 1 then you will get 14.000 Cash point (depending on exchange rates).
3. Cash point is rewards and thanks for donating players. Which will be very useful in the game.
4. Donations via Bank BCA and Paypal.
5. Contact GM for proof of transfer and confirmation.

Donation Report the fresh ragnarok online classic

Thank you very much for GatherRo Family. Hopefully your donation can help and be useful for people in need.
And hopefully all of your sustenance will increase, Happy Gatherro.