Gunslinger Gatherro

Job Release !!! “The Gunslinger”

by Administrator on 2020-12-20 Please Welcome … 20/12/2020: Gunslinger have been added. Book of Yuhwa & Princess Knife can be obtained from Regalia Box. Fixing Regalia Box chance. MVP contains MVP Token. Devil Enchant Master NPC is available in Prontera. New items and headgears are available in Poacher NPC. Dungeon Hunter NPC has been updated. Soul Conjurer Brush & Tainted Heaven Scroll are …

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Kiel Exclusive sets

by RudiTabuti on 2020-10-16  Kiel Exclusive sets [All Classes] – Obtainable from Dungeon Hunter NPC: Hyre Academy Coat [1] Hyre Scientist Coat [1]CMSNewsLink (Gatherro Kiel Exclusive sets Update)

Far East Equipment [Louyang]

by RudiTabuti on 2020-09-12 12 September 2020//— Ep 6.5 – Castle of Dragon (LouYang) —✅ Update Open Louyang Town -Field – Dungeon.✅ Update Yuno fields 1 – 12.✅ Bring Back Old Prontera✅ Exchange your mvp invations point as fast as possible (bcause the npc will exchange with new systems)✅ update limited editions item at Quest …

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