New Event in Ramadhan

Reward WOE NGABUBURIT 5.00 TO 6.00 PM – > 15 DAILY EVENT POINT AND CASH 1500 – USE KOE ITEM SET EQUIPMENT. Reward KOE RAMADHAN 9.00 TO 9.15 PM – > 15 DAILY EVENT POINT AND CASH 1500 – Ninja and Assasins now have ammunitions at KOE ROOM

Forbidden Homunculus

Add a new creation system:Blacksmiths can create an automaton at Hellion NPC.Alchemists can create a new plant and forbidden homunculus at Hellion NPC.Sage can create an elemental warrior at Hellion NPC. The Keeper will replace the Scarecrow. [Shhh it has better loots.] Fixing Sanctuary Robe: can be used by novice class. Cylinder Boots has new …

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