Forbidden Homunculus

  • Add a new creation system:
    Blacksmiths can create an automaton at Hellion NPC.
    Alchemists can create a new plant and forbidden homunculus at Hellion NPC.
    Sage can create an elemental warrior at Hellion NPC.
  • The Keeper will replace the Scarecrow. [Shhh it has better loots.]
  • Fixing Sanctuary Robe: can be used by novice class.
  • Cylinder Boots has new combos.
  • Fixing Blighted II error.
  • Fixing item description typo/error : RGM, Hyre Academy Set, Eldrich Ember, Simurg, etc.
  • Balancing Swamp Gulper & Chain Atroce effect.
  • Swamp Gulper casts 2000 fixed water elemental damage [Cold Bolt].
  • Chained Atroce now is a non-combat pet.
  • Fixing Dullahan drop.
  • Lighthalzen dungeon floor 1 is available.
  • Mobsters are hiding in Bio lab floor 1.
  • All 1st class clones get a 400% HP pool.
  • Mining gear no more Destroyed – Only need Repair if its damaged.
  • Reduce Price of Mining Gear.
  • Les Card and Wood Goblin Card now can be exchange at Card Exchanger Npc.
  • Old fuel tank is available on Tool Dealer NPC.
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