New Journey at Jawaii COve

Final Implementation/Update & Patch 24/1/2021:

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  • The card modifier can affect the final damage of skills > [Acid Terror & Demonstration]
  • Rachel Sanctuary & Jawaii equipment quest has been added to Dungeon Hunter NPC
  • Maya now has Melchior’s Knife [1] :new:
  • Tao Gunka has Morbid Instrument [3]:new:
  • Jawaii dungeon is accessible through regular warper NPC:new:
  • Acid Terror, Demonstration, and Fire Pillar has better damage formula. [Except in Main Town: it has basic damage]
  • Add new weapon skill, Transmutation: Iron Splinter – Formula: WATK X 900% in 7×7 Area [Neutral]:new:
  • Add new weapon skill Rakhshasa Palm: ATK x 900% in 7×7 Area, has a chance to inflict STUN. [Weapon element]:new:
  • To use Twilight Alchemy does not require a party check with SN, TK, or SL.
  • Demonstration/Bomb can be cast under enemy cell.
  • Demonstration deals damage every 0.5 sec.
  • Demonstration damage animation will be changed into multi-hit/5 hits (adding staggering effect).
  • Demonstration has a 10-sec duration.
  • DEX and LUK have a significant effect in improving the potion creation success rate.
  • Nerfing Miner Flashlight and Explosive Hip Sack combo – Auto cast Summon Marine Sphere chance 5% now. [Nerfed]:arrow_heading_down:
  • Can’t use teleport/warp/fly in Dragon Isle map.
  • Fixing Highlander Card Combo bug.
  • Currently, Elegant Bouquet Hat [1] effect is limited only to melee and magic atk [server en issue]
  • A part of item combo will be implemented in the next update [Sanctuary set] – > since Beach Manteau [0] is a part of [Vulcanus Cobalt set] quest.
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